What to Expect

When you first come in, you will be greeted by a prayer team member.  You will be asked to fill out a form indicating your prayer requests.  This form is confidential.

The team prepares by spending time in prayer before you see them. You will be welcomed into the prayer room and invited to stand (if possible) as the team prayers for you. One person will take the lead as the others take notes highlighting what God is saying to you in the session and another may be interceding in prayer.  

You will share your need and then the prayer time will be guided by the Holy Spirit. There may be times of silence to hear what God is saying and laying on of hands will be offered, if safe to do so and with your consent.

When your prayer time is over, you may be given some scriptures to meditate on and some words that were written that may encourage you from the prayer session.

Your form will be filed in a safe and confidential file cabinet, for future reference if you come again to the Healing Rooms.  We are honored that you would allow others to pray for you and keep what we have heard, confidential.  
Appointment times are usually 20-30 minutes.