Healing Rooms began with John Graham Lake, in the early 1900’s.  He desired to bring the fullness of God to every person, body, mind and spirit. He believed that spirit filled Christians should be able to pray for the healing as Jesus had done. Mark 16:18 ” And these signs shall follow those who believe.  They will lay hands on the sick and will heal them”. (The Passion Translation)

 In 1915, John G. Lake set up a Healing Rooms in Spokane, Washington and had much success in healing  prayer.  Please read more about this at the International Healing Rooms website (www.healingrooms.com)

 John G. Lake always believed in checking one’s healing with the patient’s Dr.  It is Healing Rooms policy to advise that a person receive a Dr’s approval prior to discontinuing any prescribed medication and always to check in with your Dr regarding any healing results. 

In 1999, Cal Pierce had a calling to “redig the wells” of the Healing Rooms ministry.  Cal had a vision to see Healing Rooms established around the world, focussing on the Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit to work through the prayers to heal the sick.  Cal reopened up the Healing Rooms in Spokane.  Many people came from around the world and wanted to establish Healing Rooms in their own community.  With the leading of the Holy Spirit, a model of ministry within the Healing Rooms was developed to provide a consistent framework.  This provides for integrity and accountibility.  The International Healing Rooms Association was formed. National and Regional Directors were set up.

For more information about the Healing Rooms please go to www.healingrooms.com/Association/About/Birth of Healing Rooms